My Projects

Sudoku solver, generator and counter
  • Implemented in C++
  • Recursive backtracking used

Maze generation and solution

  • Maze generation is done by using union find data structure which is performed in O(n)
  • The solution of maze is implemented through the use of BFS and Dijkstra algorithms

Android App for Tweeting a movie near you

  • Twitter integration with the app using Twitter4j
  • Tweets the movie you want to watch near you using your zipcode
  • JSON and XML data used to display movies
  • The app calls a java servlet which in-turn calls a perl script which give xml data to the servlet, the servlet sends the JSON data to the app and JSON is parsed in the app

Implementation of BST and AVL tree in C++

  • Doubly Circular Linked list Data structure was used
  • Creation
  • Insertion
  • Deletion

Quiz Engine

  • Frond End: JSP, Struts
  • Back End: MySql
  • This was a web application developed to conduct online quizzes
  • It was successfully deployed and tested on 200+ simultaneous users for different tests